How to Book Desert Safari in Dubai


How to Book Desert Safari in Dubai Desert Safari in Dubai is most demanding tour of UAE. Desert Safari tour booking is so easy. Just google “Desert Safari in Dubai or Dune Bashing Dubai“. You will get lots of results from the google. Open any site and read the reviews google my business reviews An other option is to read the TripAdvisor reviews. After that drop a call to the tour company or send them a email. Check with them for the availability and book a tour with them. For booking the desert safari tour,  following information is required by

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Itinerary ideas for short stopovers in Dubai

If you have very short time and you want to visit Dubai’s best attractions then don’t worry find the short stopover in Dubai.     It might be of 7 hours or one and two days check out this article to get an idea about itinerary ideas for short stopovers. Spare Some Hours for a Short Stopover in Dubai If you have approximately 7 hours to spend on holidays then you have 2 best options which have enough worth. Get to The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa By visiting these precious places you can get a lot of memories in

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What is Morning Dune Bashing Dubai

Dune Bashing

What is Morning Dune Bashing Dubai Dune bashing Dubai is rough ride on the desert dune. During the dune bashing driver, driver’s the vehicle up & down on dunes with high & slow speed. This is the thrilling ride and the tourist looking for some adventurous ride they must go for it. Morning dune bashing is also the same but only difference comes you will be picked in the morning around 8:00 AM or early morning around 5:00 AM to go for dune bashing on red dunes. If you are looking for only dune bashing, than morning dune bashing is

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What’s the duration of belly dancing in safari desert show?

Belly-Dancer in Dubai Desert

What’s the duration of belly dancing in safari desert show? Belly dance show is the most loved & watched show during the desert safari tour. Belly dance is one of the main part of this tour. A year ago there was only one belly dance show performance. But due to it’s high demand now all the companies started two belly dance shows. Each belly dancer perform for 10 minutes. So total duration of belly dancing in desert safari is 20 minutes.

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Desert Safari Tour is Safe For Old Age People


Would you suggest this safe to do for a 65yr old couple. Desert safari tour is totally safe for the old age people or senior couples. While you booking this tour just inform to the company that you don’t want the dune bashing. Driver will take you directly to the desert camp without doing the dune bashing. Dune bashing is not safe for the old age people and as well as for pregnant ladies.  

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What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

If you already visited Dubai with your soul and want to explore more hidden attractions of Dubai. Let’s think what you already enjoyed in UAE like Dubai Desert Safari, Dubai Mall, Safari Parks and theme parks. Singing Sand Dunes of Liwa Mysterious music of sand in desert, travelers come from all over the world feel this specific sound of sand. Unlimited sand dunes in desert vibrates with skidding of vehicle’s wheels and footsteps and produce horror sound. No one can recognize the sound it may be like the beat of drums or interrupted sound of drum beats, sometime feels like

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How much money do I need to stay in Dubai?

Dubai is the charismatic city, you can never ignore this beautiful place. This city has the best tourist attractions in the world. But when we plan the tour first thing that comes to mind is how much cost required to visit this beautiful land? Accommodation  When we enter a new city the first problem comes to mind is the accommodation problem. In Dubai normally per night bed charges are Dhs 10000. But don’t worry there are different options which work for you if you decide average hotel rates start from Dhs 150 it seems quite reasonable. Another way share any

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How long is the camel ride?


How long is the camel ride? Camel ride in Dubai is during the desert tour is one of the most do thing. You must have to try it, it’s amazing to enjoy the ride on the desert ship. People ask for how long you can enjoy the camel ride during the desert safari tour. Answer of this question is it depends on your tour package. On regular evening desert tour it’s just a introductory ride which last maximum 3-5 minutes. You can extend it by upgrading your desert package. Below is the detailed chart regarding the price and duration of

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Is there additional cost for wearing the local costumes in desert safari

desert safari dubai

Is there additional cost for wearing the local costumes in desert safari? You will find the Arabic costumes during the evening desert safari tour. It’s a part of desert tour so you don’t have to pay extra. Once you reached to the desert camp you will a find a separate tent where clothes are hanged you can wear and take picture with out paying anything.

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