How should I plan a five day trip to Dubai?

Dubai city is full of adventurous activities, this city is the energetic world. Exciting things all around, innovative attractions, a person cannot imagine how the desert convert into the heaven like place. Guaranteed place to make you happy in every moment you stay here. If you want to stay here only for five days and you wish to get best of your experience in Emirates then follow this guide. Day 1:- Start your Journey with Most Exciting Places  Dubai Mall Just right after the arrival in Dubai, you need to take some rest and decide on a slow journey on

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Water Parks in United Arab Emirates

Dubai is famous for its grand Desert and also for its Wonderful Arabian Gulf; the best attraction of the Dubai is its Theme Parks in the Middle East. Dubai is a Hot Country because of its Sand Deserts, but you found there are some amazing water parks to help you cool down. If you are looking for some family friend water parks you are in the right place! Here we are talking about some of the best water parks in Dubai. Beat the Dubai heat at Aquaventure, Wild Wadi, Yas Waterworld or LEGOLAND Waterpark and other amazing water parks in

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What is The Cost of Quad Biking in Dubai

Quad Biking Dubai

Quad Biking / ATV Price in Dubai Desert Quad biking is one of the best exciting activity in the Dubai desert. If you are a tourist, don’t hesitate to enjoy the most memorable attraction of Dubai. What is Quad Bike? A motorcycle with four large tyres, for off-road use with low pressure in tyres, is called Quad bike. It is also called ATV. ATV Stands for “An all-terrain vehicle”. Quad biking Dubai price depends on the model, duration and power of the quad bike, it starts from 100 AED and goes to 1600 AED. Below you will find the details

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What is Sand Boarding In Dubai

Moreeb dune Abu Dhabi

Sand boarding in Dubai is also called sand ski. It’s same like snow ski or snowboarding. It involves riding across or down sand dunes. You can do it while standing on a board with both feet strapped in and as well as while standing loose. Sand boarding is one of the exciting activity of desert safari tour. You will get a sand board once you to reach the desert camp. Best time to go for the sand boarding s the morning. Places to do Sand Boarding & Dune Bashing Moreeb Dunes Abu Dhabi Best places to go for sand boarding

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Desert Safari Without Dinner


Is Evening Desert safari Dubai tour possible without dinner? Yes, it’s possible you can enjoy the desert safari tour without dinner. If you want to come early, before the dinner than keep in mind that you were going to miss some beautiful shows. Like “2nd Belly Dance Show, Tanoura Dance Show & Fire Show“. If you are vegetarian or Jain vegetarian, don’t need to worry at all and don’t miss the dinner & excellent performances of our artists, we have arrangements & delicious meal for you also. In-case if you are not interested in dinner or you are invited to

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How much will a trip to Dubai cost?

If you want to visit Dubai you must have some estimation, how much money you need to bring to fulfill your planned activities. You need to maintain your excel sheet according to your planned destinations and cost. Here is a specific scenario by which you can get an approximate idea of the Dubai tour cost. Day 1 After arrival in Dubai first thing, you may think where to stay the night, you can stay in Hotel in Bur Dubai. This hotel is very near to metro station. Rent of the room is approximately 400 AED. Day 2 After spending a

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Evening Desert Safari Without Belly Dance


On a daily bases, we received queries where people ask they want desert safari tour but without a belly dance show. Few of them only wish to do the dune bashing, and few of them want to spend some quality time in the desert with their loved ones, but they are not interested in a belly dance show. So we decided to answer this question. If you were not willing to see belly dance show you have two options, one in which we recommend you. Once this belly dance show is going to start, you can leave the place. You

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Solo Female Traveling to Dubai – is it Safe?

Dubai is a superbly beautiful place and has number of attractions for females. If you are a female and ambitious to have eminent memories about beauteous places of the globe. Don’t waste a second and make a decision to go to glorious place of the world, which is not other than Dubai. Are Single Females Allowed to go to Dubai Alone? Yes definitely single or unmarried females are free to go to Dubai alone. There is no problem at all with you are single or married. You just need your passport and visa. Atmosphere of Dubai for Females: Atmosphere of

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Desert Safari Outfit


Desert Safari Outfit Ideas for Girls Almost all the tourist ask what to wear during the desert safari tour. So here is the detailed post regarding what wear and why. Wear something with bold prints or same color from top to bottom. So your dress will pop out against all the brown background “Desert.” So we decided what color we are going to wear. Next step is what to wear, there are so many options like you wear a jumpsuit, causal cotton pants, Loose or stretchy pants, or even leggings, Bermuda Shorts, Or high rise long shorts. Shorts idea is

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Dinner in The Desert Dubai

Dinner in Desert Safari

If you are looking for dinner in the desert without dune bashing than this tour is perfect for you. People who don’t want to do the dune bashing due to any reason but still want to go for the desert safari tour than book this tour. In this tour driver will pick you from your location around 3:30 to 4:00 PM and take you directly in our desert camp without doing dune bashing. There you can enjoy the tea, coffee, ghawa, belly dance shows, tanoura dance show, fire show and bar be Que dinner veg & non veg both. Desert

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